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Killing the Racist Myth:

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

The Courage and Compassion of Trump

TRUMP 2016 Campaign Ready for Results

In a crowded room of donors, as the President of the Pinellas County Black Republican Club, I timidly raised my hand to ask the soon to be Vice President Pence, why the campaign has not highlighted the past activities of President Trump to combat the racist narrative. He answered that really the presidential candidate is shy and does not toot his own horn about his philanthropy. As President of a Club, I had completed my research and knew of former donation to African American endeavors with Jessie Jackson and many others, as well as Trump’s well-fought litigation against Palm Beach for their racist policies in prohibiting African American from being a part of Trump’s Mar a Lago Golf Resort in Florida. It was hard to conceive that the brash, outspoken Queens, New York native business mogul did not provide rebuttal that would demonstrate his maturation into a man of courage and compassion.

Recently, Democrats thought they has a smoking gun moment. The audience salivated as Michael Cohen, former Trump attorney and confidant spewed claims that Trump made disparaging remarks about African-Americans. Cohen was testifying before beginning his prison sentence for criminal conduct which included lying to Congress. Yet, when a African-American female witness, Lynn Patton, was introduced as a rebuttal to Cohen’s spurious remarks, Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), a member of the House Oversight Committee, thought it permissible to infer that this was a racist maneuver. Thus in her mind, even permitting an Africa-American to present a different truth filled narrative subjects Representative Mark Meadows’ (RNC) actions of introducing Patton to an allegation of racism. As a Trump organizer and current Department of Housing and Urban Development staff member she was sufficiently informed to serve as a credible witness.

It’s time to annihilate the venomous lie told by vehement poor losers. African Americans and other communities have been saturated with publication of these myths mired in smoke and mirrors that conjure skewed perceptions of the Trump Administration. Some say it’s the hot rhetoric that testifies against him; others the ghastly bad behaviors when he is assailed that lead them to believe that the 45th President of the United States, Donald John Trump is a racist. A new term has emerged for those who contort truth and release opposition propaganda, - “fake news.” The term was coined by President Trump and sticks because of the narrative sold by media that is contrary to truth or that assails honesty and balance in reporting things that are neither newsworthy nor true. I have heard in news reporting “if it bleeds, it leads,” but fake news pundits actually author the bloodletting in lieu of truth, then publish it as though they were real news purveyors.

Our local Republican Club published a report giving the Trump Administration an A+ for his first two years of service to America, with a specific focus on the issues that impact the African American Community. We are at an all-time low of 5.9 percent unemployment rate with almost 1 Million new African American hires. Other action forged new opportunities to prosper, including:

· 1/20/2017 Remove Affordable Care Act Penalty.

Middle class that could not afford the marketplace rates burden is relieved from paying income tax penalty between $695 to $2,085 penalties for insurance they never could purchase. Executive Order 13765.

· 2/28/2017 Promote HBCU Infrastructure, Excellence and Innovation.

Highest recorded funding for Historical Black Colleges and Universities,’ including an infrastructure packet at $386 Million Dollars; signed legislation to forgive $300 Million in HBCU debt that threatened schools hit by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. Executive Order 13779.

· 1/8/2018 African American Civil Rights Network

Preserves African American historic and military sites throughout the South (i.e., Camp Nelson (KY) (freed slave refuge), Lorraine Motel (TN), Medgar Evans Home (MS), which tell the story of slavery and bravery through National Park Service and Antiquities Act at $12.6 Million and $11.6 Billion for maintenance. Executive Order 13792.

· 1/8/2018 Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park Act.

The week of the 50th Anniversary of his death, President Trump honors Rev. Dr. King Jr, by signing a bi-partisan bill conferring the highest designation within the National Park Service. This established King’s birth home, Ebenezer Baptist Church King’s burial site and Prince Hall as a protected and preserved site.

· 04/10/2018 Reduce Poverty in America.

With the aim of creating economic opportunity zones in distressed communities, President Trump signed an executive order establishing an Opportunity and Revitalization Council. Trump says, “The resources of the whole federal government will be leveraged to rebuild low-income and impoverished neighborhoods.” Executive Order 13828.

· 12/12/18 Opportunity Zones

Dedicated more than $17 Trillion Dollars in tax incentives to undergird desperate rural and urban communities in need of corporate investment in revitalization, job opportunities, and rebuilding low income and impoverished neighborhoods. Executive Order.

· Minority Business Support.

Trump’s Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency is targeting minority and women owned business enterprises through the dedication of $200 million per year to promoter STEM education.

· 12/21/18 First Step Act - Criminal Justice Reform.

President Trump through 2018, with significant lobbying by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner spearhead the bi-partisan bill, that sets the national tone for criminal justice reform (12% incarcerated population impacted), and is causing state and local officials nationwide to take a closer look at the racial disparities in sentencing, minimum mandatory policies and rehabilitation during incarceration in order to help families, gain safe communities and relieve the financial burdens. Trump signs the Bi-Partisan Bill. Now Florida has followed the President's Lead, adopting its Criminal Justice Reform Bill.

Remember this is not a complete list, yet it is a demonstration of intent by Trump to serve All Americans.

Pastor Darrell Scott was correct in his August 2018 quote made on FOX News segment when he said, “this is probably … the most pro-black president that we have had in our lifetime. We got urban revitalization and prison reform … he is focusing on making concerted efforts to improve the quality of living for Black Americans.” Herman Cain in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution opinion column quotes the August 2018 Rasmussen Report as showing that President Trump’s support among African Americans has doubled to 29%. The evidence is overwhelming and completely slays the myth that puts Trump’s name and racist in the same sentence. A little unorthodox maybe, but definitely not racist. It takes both courage and compassion to continue to promote policies and sign Executive Orders that demonstrate the commitment to “be the President for all Americans.” It takes even more resolve to move forward in the face of incessant antagonism from some in communities that are the beneficiaries of this presidential administration’s policies. Many more African American are beginning to say thank you for caring. Trump asked, "what have you got to lose." As it turns out, The Trump Administration answers that question with positive propelling results of what minorities and others have to gain. #trumpnotaracist

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