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Hi-Jacking Pain; Stealing Justice

As protest, riots, looting fills the streets of America and other nations who sympathize with our pain, I ask Americans not to let our pain be hi-jacked. We cannot tolerate violence and abuses being done in our name in a manner we would never do or approve. Whenever pain is hi-jacked as a guise for remedy, justice is being stolen. This is the current peril of the murder of George Floyd.

When there is a wrong experienced by a person or property - pain is its residue. Most of America is familiar with the trauma of pains that are not easily forgotten or forgiven. Like, when children are casualties of broken marriages, languishing in state foster care systems; when an elderly homeowner is swindled after the hurricane passes; or when the best qualified employee is not promoted in favor of the bosses golfing buddy. There is a conscious understanding that the wrong needs a remedy; justice demands a remedy. Our families, community and nation are witnesses to our suffering, depression, hopelessness and disengagement. They are also privy to our pain. Yet, the remedy is always specific - in kind and type to the offense.

For the lives of the untold numbers of unarmed African American shot by white officers where the injustice occurred "under color or law," (while they exercised governmental authority), there has been no remedy. Mothers and fathers buried their sons and daughters and America went to work the next day as if nothing had occurred. Children were shifted to other relatives and still justice was not heard. Those who were courageous enough to speak up were silenced, marginalized or ostracized.

The media brings out statistics to show that there were only 1,004 fatal shooting (41 unarmed, 19 white and 9 black) to dispel the notion that the injustice has racial overtones. Now anti-Semitic groups, guerilla anarchist like Antifa have entered the womb of the plea for justice with destructive chaos, leaving cities in burring in ruin, small businesses looted ,ten officers dead, other African American dead [1] and hospitalized. Legitimate protesters are after the source of their pain; they are after a remedy for injustice. Yet, all justice is denied amid the cruel hoax of the infiltrators who use our pain as a cloak for their rebellion against us and the systems we are seeking to correct, not destroy.

For over fifty days many governors abused the privilege of their power given to them by the electorate by imposing tyrannical policies on the people leaning to arrest during the corona virus plan-demic. Americans witnessed the permanent shut down of neighborhood small businesses and the struggle of the aged, infirmed, incarcerated and homeless which becomes casualties of this unforeseen invasive disease. Our pain was real. The death of George Floyd pushed the groans to a clamorously CRY FOR HELP! Whenever race is used, however, courageous leaders will go after the system to dismantle the pillars of systemic injustice that hurts us all. You may not be a protestor, but you are acquainted with pain. Other generations, other nations, other cases have fought these fights before us. Let's do our part to 1) acknowledge the root of the pain; 2) dismantle the pillars that permit perpetuation of pain; and 3) give true remedy for injustice, not rhetoric or passive assent.

[1] As of June 4, 2020, David Patrick (Fed Officer, Oakland, CA); David Dorn (Retired Officer, St. Louis, MO); Italia Kelly (By-stander, Davenport, Iowa); David McAtee (Louisville, KY); Chris Beaty (Birthday of Fmr Football player, Real Estate Broker, Indianapolis, IN).


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