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Gun Violence: Hate Is Our Default Setting

Is It About Gun Violence or is

About How Hate Is Our Default Setting

When civility is out the window, hate can become the universal default setting. Rocks, arrows, knives, swords, poisons, catapults, guns and bombs all form the arsenal for a heart filled with hate and fear. As a nation, we must respond to the incessant cries from the community, state or President Trump to “do something!” Do something to stop mass murders. The agony of watching the assailant’s horrific disregard for human life looms too often in the news as a remnant of American’s recurring violent history since 1982. This last week of August a young thirty year old shot police officer doing a traffic stop and went on a rampage resulting in five (5) dead and twenty-one (21) injured. A couple weeks ago the death toll at the Walmart shooting rampage is now confirmed by the El Paso Police Department at 22. Democrats sought

Hate chooses the weapon. If not guns and bullets animus will choose another.

to exploit the claim that the shooter had anti-immigrant documents espousing white nationalism and racist views, but they fail to mention that he also had extreme environmental concerns similar to what we hear from the Democrat candidates for President. Republicans push for balanced headlines in Dayton, Ohio, where another nine (9) people in the Oregon District were killed. The Dayton assailant is said to be an anti-police extremist, supporting Senator Elizabeth Warren (D), Antifa, and socialism, while hating ICE and the building of a wall. It is wrong for the left or the right to seek to gain political ground or profit from troubling headlines which espouse extremist ideologies that hurt the soul of America. America’s Presidents have navigated policy solutions.[1] Yet, despite the chronicle of mass shootings and the escalating history under previous presidents, elected Democrat members of Congress and Presidential Candidates alike have launched a desperate disingenuous ploy to try to score political points. They claim that President Trump somehow encouraged this errant behavior.

Calls for action range from the extremes of quashing the Second Amendment; restricting the rights of law abiding citizens; to galvanizing public safety through government seizures. As community leaders and elected officials, we are human and can easily identify with the distraught families who have lost the grace, beauty and hope of their victimized loved one. Yet, while continually holding the pain of such tragedy in our consciousness, each of us must navigate the tension between our duty to also preserve and protect the rights laid out in the U.S. Constitution. As a nation we should not just move on, but take a breath and find real solutions to the environment fostering this plague of despot actions. America is ready for answers that are not partisan but cut to the quick. In the current nap sack are a myriad of policies, some called common sense and others utter non-sense.[2] Many of these perpetrators did not exhibit prior signs for red flags, use military artillery or have a diagnosis of mental illness. They were White, Black, Latino, Native-American and other ethnicity. All but four were males. These factors do not lead to developing a functional profile that would have prevented most of the gun offenses. Forty percent of America’s approximately 330 Million populations are gun owners.[3]

Examples of the plight of citizens of other nations that have banned or greatly restricted the rights to gun ownership is reason enough to be afraid, or at least skeptical, of any and all paths to proposed restrictions or policies that infringe on the Second Amendment (right to bear arms), Fourth Amendment (no unreasonable search and seizure) and the Fourteenth Amendment (due process). Every discussion about gun ownership, sale or possession in the United States hinges on the necessity of trust in a government that is incompetent on so many levels. The issue is “Whether U.S. citizens and businesses trust their personal safety to incompetent, and often corrupt government sufficiently to surrender our Second Amendment right to bear arms by restrictions or confiscations. In answering this question, policy solutions looking to increase domestic public safety might include: (a) an increase in the ability of adults to safely protect themselves and family from crime; (b) the defense of private rights from government encroachment; and (c) a decrease in the probability that violence is the choice for resolution of personal animus or internal conflicts.

Removal of guns is mandatory for perfecting the socialism bridge that leads to dictatorship and/or communism. To combat this result in America, it is therefore recommended that:

Citizens should oppose any and all federal efforts for registration

of every gun or the demand to surrender weapons.

Beware, as we listen to well-intentioned policies to insulate ourselves from crimes by extremists with their disastrous consequences. The sober truth is that only law abiding citizens will comply with the rigors of any legislation enacted. Those operating on the fringe and criminal elements WILL NOT Historically, efforts to create registration records have been used by nations to target gun owners: first disarming them, then attacking gun owners as subversives or enemies of the state. This was the precursor to perfecting the infamous Jewish Holocaust. (Adolph Hitler, Germany 1933). Later, orders came to surrender weapons prior to loading trains with Jewish citizen headed to concentration camps. (Nazi mantra: “Jews in possession of weapons are a danger to the German people).” Homes were vandalized, businesses ransacked and synagogues were burned. Law bidding citizens were terrorized, beaten and finally exterminated. America’s founding fathers understood that a citizenry with a defense weapon will deter all nations from ever imagining the invasion of American shores.

Support strengthening of enforcement of current laws

One after another, there is a deafening sound of chatter from television commentators, highlighting the levels of concern about public safety. Some states are proactive in creating background checks and closing loopholes for criminal or mentally impaired weapon possessors or owners. Other states seek even more rigorous restrictions, or combination of restrictions. Coordination between state and local officials would also serve the citizens in strengthening enforcement of current laws. Reform of gun laws is not the same as gun confiscation. A real analysis of hate begins with acknowledgement of the default setting that is neither cultural, nor ethnic. Hate of the “other” comes from the soul. No reason required. The evidence of animus is found in every nation and every people. Without a changed heart, not even the discipline of religion can conquer hatred. Therefore, an examination of the holders of the default controls should be tackled as national policy: Broken families, alienated children, murder and mayhem promoted through games and entertainment. Without a true analysis of structural systems that fuel and incubate hate, the default setting of hate and even gun violence continues unabated. It’s time to do something.

[1] Summarized Incident Correlation to Presidential Terms. U.S. Mass Shootings, 1982-2019: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation (https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/12/mass-shootings-mother-jones-full-data) (08/04/19) (Accessed 08/12/2019)

Donald Trump, 2017 to-date (30 incidents – 256 fatalities, 982 injured); Barak Obama, 1/30/09-1/20/17 (38 incidents – 308 fatalities, 626 injured); George W. Bush, 1/20/2001-1/30/09(15 incidents – 271 fatalities, 362 injured); Bill Clinton, 1/20/93-1/20/01 (18 incidents - 112 fatalities, 146 injured); George H. W. Bush, 1/30/89-1/20/93 (69 fatalities, 81 injured); Ronald Reagan, 1/20/81-1/20/89 (6 Incidents – 64 fatalities, 111 injured)

[2] Summary of state or national recommendations to Curve Mass Shootings and/or Gun Violence

· Eligibility requirements – age, mental health · Thorough background checks

· Longer waiting periods · Fewer gun sellers authorized

· Ban firearm types (i.e., Assault weapon) · Ban firearm accessories and quantity

· Bump stock prohibitions · Initiate “red flag” laws

· Mass murder video games banned · Gun free zones; gun free cities

· Gun manufacturers – strict liability · Labeling students in school

· Social Media Monitoring key words · See something, say something campaigns

· Gun surveillance bracelets to activate guns · Mandatory gun registration

· Citizens on no-fly list gun ban · Citizens on watch list gun bans

[3] BBC News, “America’s Gun Culture in Charts, https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41488081 (08/05/2019) (accessed Aug. 11, 2019).

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