Platform Focus

Now, in these critical times, there must be a word spoken that brings assurance that the welfare of the American people is the only agenda.  More than ever the fight is to maintain decorum, civility and GET RESULTS for the people.  

As your candidate, Mrs. Griffin is


to represent a genuine, authentic life and a resolve to serve the people of this great nation.

Commitment to Results and Civility

Issue:  Cultivate Ingenuity
Solution:  Mastery &Majesty

The greatest reform to the criminal justice system comes from attention to education.  Every mother, father or caregiver should have equity in access to the best teachers and educational system. The parents have options they can tailor to help each child succeed in public, private, charter, online virtual, home, or vocational.


Early childhood education supported by federal funds must be distributed in a manner that eliminates the economic caste system which puts the indigent at a stark disadvantage and populates prisons. Sheila supports enactments that ensure funds appropriated for Early Childhood Education Centers and Head Start mandate the teaching of reading, phonics and reading comprehension.


Issue:  Sustainability/Pursuit of the American Dream

Solution:  Mutiplication & Magic


Every economic class deserves the same chance to utilize their creativity for their family and generations to prosper without government unduly burdensome regulations.  The American Dream includes freedom to prosper while raising families.


In America, small businesses hire the greatest number of people and should be encouraged to continue growth and service to local communities.


Sheila pledges support for the president's committment to tax reduction, new business initiatives, and opportunity zones.  When private-sector partnerships are developed to create incentives for increased skill in inner-city and rural work populations the efforts have more longevity.


Issue:  Resource Stewardship

Solution: Management & Maintenance


Pinellas County, with its 35 miles of beaches and lakefront ecosystems must be protected and managed well.  We do not need a "new green deal." To protect the region's environment, I support free-market solutions where private industry contributes take on the identity as conscientious corporations.  This helps bring about innovative solutions with a necessity for constrained but responsible government regulation. 

. I also support the five federal environmental agencies pursuit of free-market green energy initiatives to include supporting a  mix of renewable energy (wind, geothermal, biomass; protect drinking water and economic base of the local community.  

Term Limits

Issue:  Committed, Sober, Connected Representatives


Our United States Democratic Republic requires representatives that maintain a compassionate connection with the struggles of their constituents for the sake of integrity and statesmanship. Term limits help leaders remain sober while in temporary power, govern with urgency; and forsake wrangling that fails to produce results for our communities.


Issue:  Safety and Sovereignty

Solution: Equity By Nat'l Need


In this sovereign nation, President Trump, Head of State and Commander In Chief, is responsible for US citizens' safety through policy decisions. Congress continues to fail to put forth a comprehensive immigra-tion plan. This creates an urgent need to build a  border wall.  Anything less encourages the demise of our governmental structure.  Massive illegal immigration hurts struggling Americans directly by depleting the resources and decreasing wages. 

I support immediate real legislative collaboration for strong immigration policy and all methods necessary to maintain sovereign borders and decrease the economic burden on infrastructure, social programs that fall on the shoulders of legal citizens.  

Gun Rights

Issue:  Citizenship and Family

Solution:  Markmanship & Training


The Second Amendment, like other Amendments in the Bill of Rights,  provides protections for citizens against governmental overreach.   Every competent citizen has the right, "to bear arms.""  No laws restricting law abiding citizens  should be enacted. The exception is balanced to support laws that are narrowly tailored restrictions on evil intent, violent fringe or mentally incompetent persons. National policy should defer to State home rule unless this right of the people is under attack.  

I support fiercely support the Second Amendment and encourage American to enjoy this liberty and be responsible through gaining skill through training.  

Griffin Supports 

  • Culture of Life

  • Reduction in Government Size

Griffin Supports ​

  • Family Policies

  • Protection of Florida's Coast From Drilling

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