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Support Animal Caretakers and Rescuers

They help bring understanding of Pinellas’ uniquely beautiful, yet fragile ecosystems. 

Sheila Griffin for Congress encourages your support of Alligator Attraction & Wildlife Learning Center.

Note:  All donations are received directly by Alligator Attraction. 

Sheila Griffin for Congress is participating only to highlight corporate citizens and their work.

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Animals in captivity still need to be fed during the  Covid-19 business shutdowns.  While everyone else was sheltering at home, employees that could not be  paid were still showing up to do the business of rescuing animals at the Alligator Attraction on Madeira Beach. 

Former Mayor, Travis Palladino and Kyle (recent high school grad) demonstrate why reptiles, spiders, sloths, tortoises, invasive fish, snakes, geckos, monitor lizards and much more are cared for when abandoned by owners. “Wildlife plays an important role in the health and balance of Florida’s environment. Our goal is to educate residents and visitors about the abundant reptile and aquatic wildlife found in Florida to ensure their survival for future generations".  To follow up on activities, summer programs, tour and conservation information follow this link:  https://kissagator.com/conservation/ 

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